Operational program ‘Regional Excellence’ and the operational program Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, under the call Research - Create - Innovate

Project:  Eco-Bio-H2-FCs

(Τ2EΔΚ: 00955)

"Development and pilot scale demonstration of an innovative, effective and eco-friendly process for the production of clean hydrogen and electrical power generation from biogas."


Project Duration: 10/2020 - 4/2023



Dr. Stylianos Neophytides


Tel. 2610-965265

email: neoph@iceht.forth.gr

Project Leader

Professor IoannisYentekakis

School of Chemical & Environmental Engineering

Technical University of Crete (TUC), Chania,

Office Tel.: +30 2821037752

Email: igentekakis<at>tuc.gr


Project Budget

Cooperating Partners



145.000 €

Technical University of Crete

208.000 €


135.000 €

University of Patras

135.000 €

Univerisity of Ioannina

102.000 €


140.000 €


135.000 €

Total Budget

1.000.000 €




Project Objectives

  • The main objective of  Eco-Bio-H2-FCs is to design, develop and demonstrate in pilot scale, an innovative, eco-friendly, automated and stand alone process for the production of pure H2­­ and/or electricity from biogas. The production unit will comprise of two separate components that will work in harmony, either individually or synergistically, distributing the product (H2 or electrical power) depending on the business requirements and demands of the user. The overall project is based on recent novel research findings and knowledge (in materials and process design), developed by the research groups involved in the proposal. The produced novel findings will be applied in a synergistic manner for the construction of a complete, automated and functionally optimized pilot unit.

  • Besides the development and demonstration in pilot scale of the above process, the project also aims at producing new basic knowledge in the fields of heterogeneous catalysis, fuel cells and the use of renewable energy through the following distinct objectives: 

Potential users of the Project's product are all biomass producing facilities, which provide the opportunity to, in situ, exploit the available renewable energy sources to meet their own as well as local communities’ needs.